Allied Races

A robotic race who are “born” from an ancient pretech machine called “The Exogenesis”, an autonomous monolith whose inner workings were lost to the scream and are still a mystery to this day. Despite being machines, Exo’s are born out of the exogenesis as infants and “grow up” like normal humans, self-upgrading until they reach adulthood where they can live to be hundreds of years old. They believe themselves to be both man and machine, for they feel and run the emotional gambit just like any other person. They are fashioned in humanity’s image, gifting them with diversity of mind and body. Despite this, they are often feared to be nothing more than advanced AI. They are mistrusted anywhere outside of their own home system of Nerva and the New Chrono Republic and down right vilified by the Hellion Empire.

While most Exo’s stay on their birth planet of Nerva prime, it is not unheard of for Exo’s to venture out into the universe in search of a greater purpose outside the teachings of the “Children of the Cycle”.


40f8f922b1778ef0a6872d46b4c16205.jpg (Imagine Redwall Abbey, but in space)
A diminutive race of uplifted rat-like humanoids from a long dead planet. They are small, stand at just under 3 feet at the highest and have the fur and facial features similar to earth rodents.

To hear them tell the tale, they’re ancestors were part of an experiment after the scream to make a numerous and tireless working force to bring their human creators back into space and off their dying planet. They rebelled against their human creators, taking the carrier they created through forced labor up into space, leaving the humans to die on a rotting star.

They have a few settlements within the Republic, but they can be seen in other parts of the galaxy as well, enough to make their existence known throughout the sector. While not feared or hated like the Exo, they are treated like second class citizens anywhere outside Republic space, even then, other races have a hard time taking them seriously as active members of the sector. As it was their purpose for being made hundreds of years ago, they make great engineers and technicians.

Allied Races

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